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I want this on public record: travelling from Montreal to Toronto on VIA Rail Canada

I want this on public record: travelling from Montreal to Toronto on VIA Rail Canada the train suddenly accelerated to take a switch into the side lane, rumbling through it, 12 seconds later the oncoming train passed us by.
Now as a kid my train set was actually CN tracks in the landfill area behind our house. I played there a lot, often jumping on moving trains and getting a lift to Montreal. I know that a track switch takes 4-6 seconds and that a (merchandise) train takes 7 to 8 seconds to come to a full stop.
Which means that had there been an emergency both events could not have happened at the same time without resulting in a derailment and/or collision.
I am extremely uncomfortable with whoever planned that trip without accounting for safety buffers to have risked our lives that way.
I am not in that much of a rush to arrive in Toronto, a few minutes of lateness will be fine.
And I want answers.
Besides this, if you want to explore Asia, a Thailand Cambodia Vietnam tour will make you really happy.
However, if these places are too familiar to you, let's take a Thailand Vietnam Cambodia itinerary to discover more new things.
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Update : 25-06-2018
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