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The last 4 days

The last 4 days. All the sentimental words can’t touch the feels I have.
I’m overflowing with fun and flow, more deep, soulful connections than I can count, a lot of ease, a tonne of smiles.
• Went car shopping ?? (hugely exciting for me!!)
• Had a really fun dance practice with one of my favs and someone equally weird as me Monika Duszyńska
• At night I attended the cosmically juicy Heather Joy Bassett’s book, A Cosmically Juicy Life. Ate incredibly nourishing and tasty food, danced to a whole lot of hip hop, r&b and oldies. Met new people and got to briefly see one of the men I’m so honoured to have in my life, Dave Thompson. Had so much fun dancing with myself and dancing with other people.
• Had the first session with my friend and new client, Jacqui Grant. It was a fucking epic session down at a cafe by the beach in Mentone.
• Came home and did a FB live announcing my next retreat and have already got good interest.
• Then headed up to Northcote to have a sales mastery session Taylor Gabrielbriel. He had huge upgrades, bubbles burst and perspective shifts.
The two big things about these sessions were they were in person. I had been doing only online coaching for the past few years coz... location independent business. But I’m that much more potent as a coach in person. I feel people’s energy. Like when your heart is beating faster, mine does. When your throat is tense and you have an expression block, my throat gets tighter. In this way, I literally can channel your energy and can guide you past where you’re stuck, frozen, paralysed. Since yesterday both Jacqui and Gabriel have messaged me about awesome changes that have occurred for them.
I’ll still do online sessions but it’s not a requirement in coaching with me that we have at least one in person session early on - whether you fly/come to me or fly me to you ?
• After the arvo sesh with Taylor, went Haydn Dinsdalesdale to second story studios and got all kingly and beast mode.
• Came home and opened applications for my winter wifey (lol). Had an overwhelming response.
Then today:
• Put together the Facebook event for my upcoming autumn retreat
• Had a great sales call with someone to potentially join Alchemy
• Broke the internet with the first ever episode of The Spoonette - my search for a winter wifey.
And now getting ready to go dance at one of my favourite spots.
Mix in some meditation, gym and dancing to those days as well, feeling super in flow, at ease and FULL.
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Update : 11-07-2018
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