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Tour: Hanoi- Lang Son- Dong Dang- Tan Thanh- Hanoi - 1Day

Lang Son is a province in northeastern Vietnam. Mountainous areas account for 80% of the whole area. The common terrains in Lang Son are small mountains and hills, 252 m average altitude above the sea level. The lowest point is 20 meters in the south of Huu Lung District, and the highest point is Mount Mau Son, 1541m. Mau Son is far away from Lang Son city 30 km. This place is surrounded by many large and small mountains. Sometimes it snows in winter. As a border area of Vietnam, Lang Son province has many beautiful landscapes and historical attractions that show the uniqueness of culture of Lang Son. Because of this, Lang Son is the potential place to promote tourism.

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Just a short trip but it help me a lot in understanding Vietnamese culture. I want to thank deeply to the experienced guide.
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